Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Story!!!!!!!!

It's 4 days until Easter! I wrote a story about Easter. In my story I made my characters some of my friends sorry I could not put all.

One Easter morning in Boise, Idaho a little girl named Piper ran down stairs with her sister Lilah to see what the Easter bunny brought them. Before they ran down stairs Piper and Lilah ran to their two older sisters rooms. Piper runs and jumped on her sister Grace's bed while Lilah runs to her other sister Britney’s bed and the two little sisters yell at the same time “Wake up the Easter bunny came!” Britney muttering under her breath, gets up and walks downstairs. Grace wakes and stumbles out of bed stomping down the stairs huffing and puffing. Mom and Dad hear the stomps, mutters, jumps, and squeals of their four children and know they saw the Easter baskets. 

Mom and dad make it down stairs right before they open their gifts. "Mom" Britney says pulling her aside "When will you tell them there is no Easter bunny?" "Dear" mom starts "just because you don' believe doesn' mean they don't.” Fine!" Britney says. 

Later that day Mom and Dad walk in with a big box” open it all of you!" they say together like they have rehearsed it. "Ok" Piper and Lilah say at once then Grace walks over saying "ok I guess". Britney stays behind watching them as they open the box. All three of the girls say at once "mom, dad you shouldn’t have! Grace picks up a small yellow lab pup and goes over to Britney” look how cute!” grace says in awe over the pup. "I think we should name him Nomad." Britney says  "Nomad, that sounds great!” mom says "yeah "dad chimed in “it has that ring to it" "yippee"Grace says in complete happiness. Piper and Lilah look puzzled so mom explains how they where the first people... "like Adam and Eva?” ask Lilah "no" mom say with a little laugh "they where the first people to settle down and be farmers " mom says trying to explain "oh ok" says Piper "I get it now" says Lilah and they take Nomad to the kitchen with their family. 

Later that same day Britney and grace went out with their friends Grace went with Alli and Livy while Britney was walking over to her bffs Chan, Emily and Kaitlin's house. While she was walking in the woods she saw a big white bunny! The bunny was 6 feet tall and had a pink and yellow dotted bow tie on its neck it was wearing a pink, blue, yellow, and purple dotted vest and carried a big basket! Britney looked at the bunny, frozen in time . The bunny looked at her and asks, "Why do you not believe?" Britney looked shocked! "Umm" Britney stared but the bunny interrupted "I am sir Easter 
Bunny! And you do not believe in me!” 

You are real?” Britney says in awe "yes” the bunny replie "I am sorry I will believe in you I will" Britney runs home. "Mom, dad the Easter bunny is real!" Britney says out of breath "yes we know "mom and dad said. From that day on Britney’s life was changed.


  1. I LOVE this story!!!! Grace and Lilah (the real ones) have not seen it yet but I will be sure to let them know you posted and they have been featured in your story.


  2. Very creative, but maybe work on grammar?