Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Story!!!!!!!!

It's 4 days until Easter! I wrote a story about Easter. In my story I made my characters some of my friends sorry I could not put all.

One Easter morning in Boise, Idaho a little girl named Piper ran down stairs with her sister Lilah to see what the Easter bunny brought them. Before they ran down stairs Piper and Lilah ran to their two older sisters rooms. Piper runs and jumped on her sister Grace's bed while Lilah runs to her other sister Britney’s bed and the two little sisters yell at the same time “Wake up the Easter bunny came!” Britney muttering under her breath, gets up and walks downstairs. Grace wakes and stumbles out of bed stomping down the stairs huffing and puffing. Mom and Dad hear the stomps, mutters, jumps, and squeals of their four children and know they saw the Easter baskets. 

Mom and dad make it down stairs right before they open their gifts. "Mom" Britney says pulling her aside "When will you tell them there is no Easter bunny?" "Dear" mom starts "just because you don' believe doesn' mean they don't.” Fine!" Britney says. 

Later that day Mom and Dad walk in with a big box” open it all of you!" they say together like they have rehearsed it. "Ok" Piper and Lilah say at once then Grace walks over saying "ok I guess". Britney stays behind watching them as they open the box. All three of the girls say at once "mom, dad you shouldn’t have! Grace picks up a small yellow lab pup and goes over to Britney” look how cute!” grace says in awe over the pup. "I think we should name him Nomad." Britney says  "Nomad, that sounds great!” mom says "yeah "dad chimed in “it has that ring to it" "yippee"Grace says in complete happiness. Piper and Lilah look puzzled so mom explains how they where the first people... "like Adam and Eva?” ask Lilah "no" mom say with a little laugh "they where the first people to settle down and be farmers " mom says trying to explain "oh ok" says Piper "I get it now" says Lilah and they take Nomad to the kitchen with their family. 

Later that same day Britney and grace went out with their friends Grace went with Alli and Livy while Britney was walking over to her bffs Chan, Emily and Kaitlin's house. While she was walking in the woods she saw a big white bunny! The bunny was 6 feet tall and had a pink and yellow dotted bow tie on its neck it was wearing a pink, blue, yellow, and purple dotted vest and carried a big basket! Britney looked at the bunny, frozen in time . The bunny looked at her and asks, "Why do you not believe?" Britney looked shocked! "Umm" Britney stared but the bunny interrupted "I am sir Easter 
Bunny! And you do not believe in me!” 

You are real?” Britney says in awe "yes” the bunny replie "I am sorry I will believe in you I will" Britney runs home. "Mom, dad the Easter bunny is real!" Britney says out of breath "yes we know "mom and dad said. From that day on Britney’s life was changed.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Birthday

A few weeks ago I turned eleven!!!!!

Me and my mom always go to I hop on my birthday so we got dressed and I got my presents and we went to Ihop. Before we left my mom took a bath and said,” The water pressure is low.” but didn’t think much of it and went on. We got to Ihop and parked we went to the door and low and behold it was closed due to water! I was sad because the would have been our 9th year to go here on my birthday! So we headed to Cracker Barrel but they where close and there we found out that the water was contaminated and every house only had 45 clean gallons of water! Remember my mom took a bath so there went our water. So in the end we went to Zen berri and I had birthday cake flavored yougert with chocolate in it.

  For 2 day my entire city didn’t have a droop of water.   It was a bad good birthday.  It was really horrible. We kept turning on the facets and no water!  We had to buy bottled water and it was almost out everywhere in our city. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Mother

Some things make me stop and think. Like … how egg’s whites make meringue and how you can make icing with food coloring, confectionery sugar, and milk and other things like that.

When I was eight my Grandmother who we all called Boba died ….. My mom was sooo upset.  I was too, don’t get me wrong but Boba was her mom. Some how, I don’t know how, but somehow she got over it.

I fear my mom leaving me … deep inside it just sits there …. I don’t think I could ever get over it.  Me and my mom …. Well she is my best friend, my mom, my teacher, my rock, the one who gives me unconditional love, and much more. To think of a world with out her is…….. Indescribable …. And It is like a world without happiness no,  it would be a world with out happiness. I love God sooo much but if He took her away before she was in her old age I don’t think I would ever understand it.

Mom, I know I can get mad at you, act mean and some other things but I love you sooo much and this is to you.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


On Halloween day Seth my 15 year old cousin was walking to his friends house and on the way there he heard dogs barking and he thought nothing of it so kept walking and when he tuned on Haygood  four BIG dogs came and started  attacked him .

He just  kept on  backing up because he knew if he turned and started to run they would over power him . He fell down 2-3 times but got back up.  PS (The BIG dogs went for his legs and one time tried to get to his face ) Any way he kept calling "HELP HELP HELP  " and an old women came and started to call the dogs .

But, she didn't come and check on Seth !!!!!  While he was calling "HELP "he pulled out his pocket  knife out and started to cut the dogs .

The dogs ran away because of the knife and he laid on the ground and call my aunt Heather and said " momma come get me I need help I'm on Haygood " Heather told Uncle Eddie "to get Seth"but failed to tell him he is on Haygood.  She ran to get pants on  and right when she left to get to Haygood Seth called again but Katherine my 13 year old cousin answered the phone "hey poppa just passed me I am laying on Haygood road " so she ran to get Seth .

Heather already got Seth and started to drive to the hospital and when she passed Eddie she said "get Katherine ".  Before he got her he went and banged on the dog owners door " OPEN THIS DOOR NOW !! OPEN THIS DOOR !!! OPEN THE DOOR NOW!!" They did not open the door , Good thing because he was really mad . He got Katherine and went to the Emergency Room .

Seth got 32 stitches and he is ok, the dogs are going to be killed .

If he didn't have his knife he would probably be DEAD!!!!!!!!!!

Thank all of you for praying for my Seth. <3


Monday, November 1, 2010


I love Halloween , I love the scaring, the screams and the great smell of CANDY and fear . It's one of the best holidays ever . Don't you love all the lame , cool , freaky , and the plain weird costumes ?

While me and my friends where trick or treating (BTW) don't you love the name TRICK OR TREAT ? ok any way I saw some lame costumes like ; some girl came to Chan, Ben and Jake's grandparents trick or treating and she was wearing pajama pants and a Alabama shirt and a Alabama purse to hold candy, one boy was wearing a foot ball shirt and green shorts I guess it would be ok but the football shirt was red and white and the pants were green and he didn't even have face makeup or pads. What kind of costume is that?

Well at every pit stop you all traded candy : ps (i am purple, chan is green, ben is red, jake is blue, brit is gray and kaitlin is pink )
hey got any milky ways ? yeah I do, what will you trade for them ? one bag of m&m. i love m&m i will give you two milky ways for one bag of m&m . sold !  got any nerds ? yep what will you trade ? hey i love nerds what do you like ? all most anything .  how about ......  2 m&m   3 m&m and 1 gum 3 gums and 1 milky way  and ...... 2 gum and 2 milky ways going once going twice ... 1 milky way 2 gum and 1 gobstoppers and 1 twizzler  sold to kaitlin yes  no but i said more  but i hate gobstoppers and twizzlers . we trade more than mice if mice trade that is . and i keeps going JUST like this .

I just love Halloween.  How was your Halloween?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parties, Bugs , Webkinz and Halloween

I have had a great last 10 days, well except for the whole 'being sick' thing . Nomad is seven months old and I can't believe that my little yellow lab is seven months old, It seems like just five months ago he was two months old . Oh wait, he was.

Yesterday we went to Cathy's Halloween party.  There was Halloween everywhere you looked.  They were spooky graveyards in the front and back of the house, Red Hand punch, Monster Eyed Deviled eggs, and a great red cake monster.  It was 'ghostly' great.

Today was fun, fun, fun!  I had my 1st ever Webkinz world party!  I had mailed invitations to some of my friends.  Em, Ben and Chan came to my Halloween party.  We played hide-and-seek, air hockey, pool and we mingled.  It was awesome!

The other day I saw a wasp dangling from a spider web.  I videoed it.  Sorry for the shaking but it was too awesome to miss.

Have a great day,

Saturday, September 11, 2010


It's been a while since I have blogged.

We have been back 'schooling' for 3 weeks.

We don't have work on Friday's it is FUN Friday. Last Friday we went to homeschool skate. There were 150 kids there! It was so much fun!

This Friday we went to Flint Creek Trail with Nomad. We got some muscadines and we jumped over a log.

Then we had a picnic.

When we got home I played with the muscadines. I wanted to make the insides of them like a putty. Then I started to itch, itch and did I mention, ITCH??? It was torture in the 3rd degree. After washing my hands, putting medicine, taking Benadyl and a couple of naps, I was cured!

I had a fun day, can't wait for next Friday.

peace out,

kei :)